icon-WrapAdSum4-Wrap (for administering school wrap around care) is almost identical to our Dinners and Breaks modules, and works in just the same way as it interfaces directly to, and reads attendance records from the schools MIS electronically, to minimise user input and maintain absolute consistency with your schools daily registration information. Two versions are offered, one for just “morning” or just “after school” session care, and another to provide care for both sessions.


The “Wrap” module uses the same familiar simple matrix interface as for AdSum4-Dinners making the look and feel very easy for existing “Dinners” users.   The application is used to administer the distribution of breakfasts and/or after school teas in the delivery of wraparound care for schools who offer this service to their children. The module provides sufficient flexibility for schools to have complete control over what items and prices are charged for the service. Any defined group(s) may be set up within the application if desired.


Please register your interest for AdSum4-Wrap by completing our Enquiry form, when we will be pleased to contact you to discuss your particular requirements.


Note:-  AdSum4-Wrap   is almost identical to Dinners and Break in its application and operation, and is suitable in schools where fixed price beverages and healthy snacks (as opposed to meals) are offered during early morning or late afternoon wrap around care sessions, and where cash, cheques, Credit/Debit cards and internet based financial transactions are tendered for payment at non-specified variable frequencies, and where payment is NOT requested or taken at a cafeteria type point of sale. AdSum4-Wrap is only available as an additional module to AdSum4-Dinners.