icon-tripsAdSum4-Trips works in just the same way as AdSum4-Dinners, as it interfaces directly to, and reads attendance records from the schools MIS electronically, to minimise user input and maintain absolute consistency with your schools daily registration information.


Additionally, the module can be “switched” to interface with AdSum4-Dinners to provide counts for the planning and provision of packed lunches. Trip details include for an overall cost, an optional deposit amount, with optional separated costs for travel, entry, accommodation, and other incidental identifiable expenditure for the trip.   Even Pupil:Staff ratios may be identified when they are then continuously calculated within the trip details to ensure compliance with supervisory guidelines for supervision during the trip.


Trips has exactly the same look and feel as Dinners, ensuring that users quickly adapt to the application.  The flexibility of the Trips module ensures that any activity with a final conclusion that has dates for deposits such that nominated “pay by” dates can be determined may be set up as a “Trip”.  School fund and similar voluntary contributions may also be accommodated within the module either as a specified amount as a target figure for the “cost”, or as an “open/zero” target amount in schools where any amount of funding is considered acceptable as for variable charitable or sponsored payments.   Whole classes or individuals can be added or removed as required, and incremental payments are taken exactly as for Dinners.


All Trip(s) data is instantly available; either at-a-glance, or from one of the many easily selected reports including; Trip summary, payment history, money received for a single Trip, or for all Trips…either for payments taken on a particular day, or for a range of days.  Trip and Class matrix reports are included to permit both reported output and to offer a means of listing information about individuals on multiple trips, and to assist with head-counts during the trip itself.     Please fill out our Enquiry form to contact us about gaining benefit from AdSum4-Trips.


Note:-  AdSum4-Trips  may be used in any schools environment where payment by cash, cheques, Credit/Debit cards and internet based financial transactions are tendered for payment at non-specified variable frequencies are offered for an activity that is planned to occur to a pre-determined single conclusion at a defined date.  Any pre-determined planned activities to a repetitive pattern are better suited to AdSum4-Extra