AdSum4-Dinners interfaces directly to, and reads attendance records from your schools MIS electronically to minimise user input and maintain absolute consistency with your schools daily registration information.


Meal prices for year groups are established within the package, and even pre-planning of price adjustments can be accommodated. When your class registrations are complete, AdSum4-Dinners collects the current attendance data electronically for the whole school with a single mouse click, and produces Meal counts for cook within 30 seconds from registration !   Exception situations for any pupils who’s status has changed since registration can be made by staff to reflect any differences at any time during the day, when revised Meal counts may be produced.


As money is collected, a simple double mouse click against a child produces a “pay-in” window on screen that permits recording of the sum taken. A siblings button brings up any family grouped children to avoid searching through registers, and payments are immediately reflected throughout the package with all adjustments to credits and debits instantly done for you. Users can see, and sort, which children are receiving a “Free”, who is going home, who is bringing in sandwiches, who is absent……the list goes on !


All of the data is instantly available at-a-glance, in a familiar, attendance register-like format. Additionally, all of the information for monitoring and processing is available to any authorised user to produce immediate reports and/or summary statistics.  For example, how many dinners does the kitchen need to be working towards? How much money was collected on a particular day or range of days?, How many “Frees” were provided to any particular group last week? What is the meal history for an individual over the last 2 months? How much debt, credit or balance is the office holding at the moment? ..etc.


17 standard reports are currently produced.  If you need the information, it’s almost certainly there for you, if it isn’t there, tell us, and we will probably add it for you if it will be equally useful to everyone else.  Please fill out our Enquiry form to contact us about gaining benefit from AdSum4-Dinners.