icon-BreakOur AdSum4-Break module integrates seamlessly within the current suite of applications.  AdSum4-Break works in just the same way as AdSum4-Dinners, as it interfaces directly to, and reads attendance records from the schools MIS electronically, to minimise user input and maintain absolute consistency with your schools daily registration information.


The “Break” module uses the same familiar simple matrix interface as for AdSum4-Dinners making the look and feel very easy for existing “Dinners” users.   The application is used to administer the distribution of milk, juice and other drinks, beverages and healthy snacks which may be provided to children at break time. Any other defined group(s) may be set up within the application if desired.  The module adheres to the EU Nursery Milk Scheme administered by the Department of Health through the Welfare Food Re-imbursement Unit for schools to maintain the appropriate records relative for this environment, and monitors all of the required data for the supply of free and subsidised milk, and any other drinks and snacks and for all related payments.


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